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What you do to earn a living is your business; your return on your life investment is my business.
"Demi's methods, presentation, and personal style make for a rich and exciting adventure down a clearly laid-out path, leading to accelerated professional and personal growth."
─ Jeff Ratzlaf, VP Business Development, MobileIron

I speak on a number of topics regarding leadership and professional and personal growth. Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker or someone to lead an interactive workshop, I am an acknowledged expert on the topics of leadership, communication, and team effectiveness. ​

Although I'm able to speak with authority on a number of subjects, I always carefully tailor my topics to meet your needs and goals. Below are some examples of topics I've spoken on, but if you don't see a topic you're looking for let me know. Chances are I have something that I can adapt just for you.

Keynote Topics

  • Getting Unstuck: Peanut Butter Not Required
  • So You're the New Kid on the Block: Sending the Right Leadership Signals
  • The Best Leaders Are Great Teachers
  • Managing People Is Harder Thank It Looks
  • Bringing Your Life Into Focus: Simple Strategies for Success and Happiness
  • Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time
  • Happiness Traps
Keynote Topics

Workshop Topics

  • Growing Your Team's Effectiveness
  • Building a Coaching Culture
  • 5 Essential Leadership Skills
  • Leadership Is Not Just What You Say, But How You Say It
  • Cultivating Self Awareness
  • Congregational Development
  • Radical Sending as a Ministry Transformation Tool
Workshop Topics
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